Baril Law Firm

Consistency, transparency and flexibility in adapting requirements and needs.

Baril Advogados was founded in order to provide legal and technical services of the highest standard in the areas of Intellectual Property, Business Law and Litigation, through a team of highly qualified professionals.

The relationship with customers is guided by principles of rationality, consistency, transparency and flexibility to adapt your requirements and needs, having efficiency in service delivery as a goal. The idea is to offer the right solution for each case, avoiding excesses and risks to the customer. Thus, the need is pointed and we stick to it.

Such innovative approach breaks paradigms, significantly reduces costs and introduces, between the office and its clients, a close and interdependent relationship, which best translates as partnership.

Today, Baril Advogados is among the most admired law firms in the field of Intellectual Property in Brazil, according to the well-known publication Análise Advocacia 500. It participates in the ranking of approximately 1,500 offices with annual revenues equal to or exceeding R$ 250 million. The reference sources of these companies are relevant publications on the market, and quoting some of them, such as: Exame, Isto é, Melhores Empresas e Valor Econômico.

Baril Advogados has software infrastructure, IT, implementation of methodologies and communication systems, contemplating a trained team to prepare forms, organize copies, files, faxes, computerized control and research center focused in the areas of specialization of the office.

Furthermore, it represents in Latin America many U.S. firms specialized in Intellectual Property and maintains partnerships with associate offices located in Brazil and around the world, which allows to serve the interests of customers where they appear to be necessary.

With this structure, Baril Advogados Associados provides services to individuals, large and medium-sized companies, Brazilian or foreign, always based on the continuous improvement of services, with a lean and efficient team and a personalized service.

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